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Prepaidcardstatus – To know any information about, all you have to do is to visit their official page- In this article, we have discussed the procedure to log in to prepaid card status along with other necessary details about prepaidcardstatus.

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In the modern age, everyone likes to move around light and so they like to do payments with cards and not with cash. Card payments are always much secure and it has earned a lot of trust among the mass in these years. With cards, pockets stay light and it is safe to travel. A prepaid card comes as really helpful and a cardholder gets all support and services regarding his prepaid card from the website of

One of the most secure management of the prepaid program is Prepaid Solutions. They give service with both MasterCard and Visa Card and one can transfer his funds to above 9 types of currencies in around 160 countries of the world.

If you need any information like profile, prepaid card status, remaining balance, account statement or customer care, all you are required to do is to go to the website of prepaidcardstatus. When you log in to your profile there, you will be directed to all the information you need.

Necessary Information for Prepaidcardstatus.Com

Now, here are some important information related to prepaidcardstatus. Let’s take a look.

  • Official website name: prepaid card status
  • Website address:
  • Card number of 16 digit
  • Expiry date of prepaid card
  • Security code of 3 digit
  • Email address
  • Computer or laptop or smartphone
  • Internet connection

Activate prepaid card status

Although a card holder, one cannot make any transaction or visit the online page unless his prepaid card status is active. If you want to get the benefits that come with the prepaid card, you will require that above-mentioned information such as prepaid card number, its date of expiry and the security code. Then, you have to follow this simple process to activate your prepaid card status.

  • At the very beginning, ask the card provider’s website to activate your card.
  • Then, some information with links will be sent to your mail address.
  • For activation, you have to give the code and this step will successfully activate your prepaid card status.

Login to Prepaidcardstatus account at

Below, we have mentioned the necessary as well as easy steps to log in to your prepaidcardstatus account. Following these steps, you can log in to your account anytime.

  • Open the browser on your phone or computer and then search the official site of prepaid card status.
  • Go to the online portal at
  • There will two spaces for you to fill in with your card details.
  • In the given space, put your prepaid card number of 16 digits along with the security code.
  • Select a username for your wallet from the option below “Log in”
  • Along with the wallet username, give a proper password too.
  • After giving all the required information, select the CAPTCHA and then select the “Log in” option
  • Now, all the information about your card will be visible on the screen.

Log in With Prepaid Card Wallet


One can also check his card status and other things with the help of the prepaid card wallet. For that these small are to be followed.

  • Visit the online address of prepaid card status at
  • When you come to the login page, there will be an option asking you if you have linked your wallet username with your wallet and the login option.
  • Select the section.
  • Now, you can blank spaces which you have to fill up with your username and also your password
  • Then, select the “login” Services

  • View Transactions
  • Check balance
  • Access to Cardholder Agreement
  • Register card
  • more

Benefits of Prepaid Card Status

You get some amazing benefits when you log in to your account of prepaid card status. It is good to know about them. Let us read about the benefits provides us.

  • Customer care service-When you face any problem or want to know about some information, customer care is always in service for you. You can get help by contacting them.
  • Check Remaining Card Balance-One can check their remaining balance in the account anytime with this feature.
  • Answers of the FAQs-When someone is a card holder, it is natural to have many queries in his mind regarding features and functions of prepaid card status. Such questions are often asked by other cardholders too. To get the answers of such frequently asked questions, you can visit
  • Wallet and profile update- on the official website, one can update their wallet and prepaid card profile.
  • Check and print your account statement- you can see the history of the transactions to and from your account and also get it printed.

Reset your prepaidcardstatus Username

There is no worry even if you forget your prepaid account username. You can easily recover or reset it with this process given below.

  • Start the internet browser on your phone or laptop and search for the official page of prepaid card status.
  • On this page, you can see the option ‘username’. Click upon it.
  • In the mentioned blank space, provide your mail address.
  • If this address matches with previously provided mail address, you will receive your username in your mail account.

If you forget your password

It may happen that you have forgotten the account password. In such case also, there is a process through which you can reset your password.

  • To login to his prepaid card status account and to reset the password, at first one has to go to the online login page.
  • Then, select the option that says “Forgot Password” given under the password option.
  • In the given space, put your username and give answers to some questions.
  • Then, if your answers are right, the authority will send an impermanent password to your mail account. Then you can reset the password and login to your prepaid account.

PrepaidCardStatus Customer service

If someone needs to ask anything to customer care due to any problem, you may call on this number- +1(866)230-3809

Another Way

If you face any problem with the features and functions of prepaid card status, you can contact the customer care through online mode too.

  • You need to select the “Contact Us” option situated at the right corner on the top of the online portal.
  • Then, you will get a form that you need to fill up with required information including personal details like name, contact number, mail address, prepaid card number.
  • Next, you have to choose the reason code.
  • Then type in your query in detail in the mentioned space and submit your form. This completes the process.

About PrepaidCardStatus online Portal

In recent times, a prepaid card is an important part of people’s life. A cardholder can buy or make any transaction with a debit or credit card given to them by merchants, or supermarkets or banks. Lots of cardholders prefer cards that can be used for purchase and transactions and also which gives some gift in return to that. For such a matter, prepaid cards are the best. So, most people like them over debit and credit cards.

There are obviously a few restrictions regarding the usage of these prepaid cards. There is some necessary information related to every card whether you use it for purchases or for any transaction. One should check all the details. Holders can also know their remaining balance and account statement with the help of it. Prepaid card status online page supplies the users with all information.

FAQs about PrepaidCardStatus

  • Is safe?

Ans:There have no complaints or questions raised against this site and it is a very secure website.

  • Am I allowed to own multiple cards?

Ans:One can definitely have more than one prepaid card and use them according to their need. But one also needs to have several accounts in different banks.


We have discussed some necessary information about prepaid card status. Hopefully, these will be beneficial for you. We will be grateful if you like it and it comes to your help. In case, we get any more details regarding prepaid cards, we shall give updates as soon as possible. To visit the official site, go to